Your review plants a tree

For every Google rating, we have a tree planted in our rating forest in the name of the rater. In this way, we can make the world a little greener together as well as make a positive contribution to climate protection and biodiversity.

How it works

Together with the non-profit organization Plant-for-the-Planet, the Berlin-based project ReviewForest ensures that a tree is planted for every review. The trees are planted in a dedicated planting area on the Yucatán-Peninsula in Mexico. In a tree nursery, seedlings of eight different native species are grown and intensively maintained for the ReviewForest (irrigation and weeding).

Why trees in Mexico?

The tropical climate of the planting area in Mexico provides optimal growing conditions. The trees planted there grow considerably faster than in Central Europe and can thus bind more CO2 more quickly.

An additional plus

For each rating, 1 Euro will be sent to the children’s academy of Plant-for-the-planet for the environmental education of children.

Rate now and do good

To be part of the project, all you have to do is sign in with your Google account and submit a review. After your rating, a tree with your name will appear in our Baude Kabeltechnik forest.This shows how many trees we have already been able to plant.


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