Round lift control cables

As a long-term partner in lift construction we can prepare construction for the highest load and flexibility with long service lives. From the careful selection of high-quality materials through to the precise processing using the most up-to-date machines and a range of quality controls DIN/VDE guidelines, we guarantee a long and fault-free service life. Our lift control lines can be delivered in a range of versions – shielded or partly shielded, with hemp or steel carrier units (for the highest hanging heights), as well as round or flat cables. PVC, neoprene and halogen-free materials are used as sheath insulation. For optimal fastening we recommend round cable hanging clamps, which can also be delivered individually.


Flat lift control cables

We have included our flat cables, also for lift construction, under flat cables. The appropriate clamps can also be supplied in this case.


HSTN HSTCN can be used as elevator control cable, control cable on conveyor systems, machine tools or measuring as well as signal cable. The cable is suitable for use in dry, damp and wet areas and even for outdoor applications, especially used where resistance to oils and chemical influences are involved.

Baude-Lift HKYSTY

Baude-Lift HKYSTY - The PVC cables can be used as elevator control cables, control cables on conveyor systems, machine tools or measuring as well as signal cables in dry and damp areas. Free suspended height: maximum 45 meters in accordance with IEC 60227-6.


Baude-Lift-2TY - The pendant cable is suitable for crane systems. The two steel load bearing elements can be detached without damaging the outer steath and even fixed at the required place. The cable offers high flexibility at lower temperatures because of the high quality of the used materials.

HSTH Flamex-Lift

HSTH Flamex-Lift - These cables are used as halogen free lift cables, as control cable for moving users and at high concentration of persons or property value. Additionally the cables are suited for cases of operations where low smoke formations, no corrosive propagation are required.

SemoFlat® H05VVH6-F

SemoFlat H05VVH6-F - are suitable for use in dry and damp areas. Used for installations of transportation systems, machine tools, elevators and hoisting gears. Freely suspended heights should not exceed 35 meters and travelling speeds of 1.6 m/s (according to VDE) should not be exceeded.


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