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Reaching our goals together

Satisfied staff lead to satisfied customers!

The motivation and satisfaction of our staff make our team strong. We face our day-to-day work and our customers with great preparedness, engagement and pleasure. 

More and more often the well-being of staff and customer satisfaction are at the forefront for the company. We at Baude Kabeltechnik work hand in hand and that is reflected in our processes and products. We are proud of the fact that our team is composed of the development, finance and administration, production and cable assembly and warehouse and logistics departments.

    Gruppenfoto Vertriebsmitarbeiter

    Sales team

    We represent the direct connection to you! 
    Our sales representatives would gladly support you by the choice of the correct wiring and cable. 


    Gruppenfoto Produktion und Konfektion


    On the basis of terms just as lead end, axial/tangential exit, spiral block, etc. we are able to produce your order to suit your requirements.

    Gruppenfoto Lagermitarbeiter

    Warehouse and production

    We take care of produced your order loading it and a rapid processing.

    Customized solutions

    Individuelle Kabel-Lösungen

    We invent solutions for your demands in cases, where you need a customized solution. Our priority is to offer you distinct solutions so that no desire remains open and you feel well looked after at all times.

    Please feel free to contact us for an offer with no obligations: +49 5066 7001-45

    Strong cable - strong service

    Pikogramm Beratung


    You put an emphasize on a skilled and one- on- one service? Then we are the right company to help you. Our sales staff would be delighted to give you advice regarding all technical aspects and to find the optimal solution with and for you.

    Pikogramm Know-how


    You are searching for a partner for your ambitious project? Through our decades- long experience and specialized knowledge as well as an individual determination of your needs we present you with a customized result.

    Pikogramm Qualität


    You are looking for outstanding quality? Profit from our efficient and audited products. We ensure our standard of quality for example through the certification ISO 9001:2015.

    Social engagement

    Since the year 2002 we support the local union of the German child protection association, the child house BLAUER ELEFANT Hildesheim. A balanced diet is required for a healthy development. Therefore it is even more important to teach children an understanding of wholesome food from the beginning.

    This registered and nonprofit club is neither denominational nor bound to any party and consists of approximately 200 members. It finances itself from the membership rates, donations, public means and fines.
    The objective of the child house is to help particularly children from socially disadvantaged families and to support their parents in case of educational questions or family problems. Specifically trained educators and pedagogues care intensively about the language-delayed and development-delayed children and influence the social behavior of the children among each other positively. The concept of the child house to offer help to not only the children but also to their parents and by this acting preventive convinced our company to support this facility. Since it is often not even guaranteed that these children are sufficiently and health-consciously nourished by their parents we decided to take over corresponding sponsorships for 8 children . Also at company events our employees are always gladly willing to donate and so some purchases in the child house have already been made by it.

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