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Cable assembly

Due to the constantly increasing complexity of the products of our customers we offer complete, ready to assemble and partly assembly cables and spiral cables. Here, we can process cables with a cross-section of up to 95 mm² as standard. Our specially assembly cables are used in a range of industry sectors and applications. Therefore, high demands are placed on the confections, such as individuality, flexibility and reliability. For us, cable assembly begins with customer requirements and ends with our own quality standards in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. 

In addition to standard solutions, customer-specific developments with custom-fit designs are often required in the cable manufacturing. Our trained personnel will assembly your order according to your sample, requirements or drawing and according to your technical specifications. We offer single-core assemblies, assembly cables and complete cable harnesses - from prototyping to small series to series production specifically according to your requirements. In the process, we process the components you provide or additional purchased parts. 

With the addition of a second production facility, we are increasing flexibility in production and shortening throughput times, while maintaining consistently high quality. The new location in the Hohenloher Land (Baden-Württemberg) allows us to be closer to our customers.

You have special requests, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to make you an offer.

customer-specific cable assembly

  • Kabelkonfektion Lüsterklemmen
  • Kabelkonfektion Maschinenpark
  • Kabelkonfektion Steckermontage
  • Kabelkonfektion Maschinenpark
  • Kabelkonfektion Hand-Steckermontage
  • Konfektion Spiralkabel
  • Kabelkonfektion Fachpersonal
  • Kabelkonfektionärin Baude Kabeltechnik

    At a glance

    • Individual customer printing
    • Cable shaped to your needs
    • Stripping/tinning
    • Fastening of ferrules to twisted contacts
    • Individual, connection-ready and tested plug assembly
    • Assembly with a cross-section of up to 95 mm² (other cross-sections on request)
    • Packing and labelling of cables

    Where desired the assemblies are also tested according to your requirements and a test record is available for this purpose.

    Special assembly of plug connections for electrical and power engineering

    A wide range of technical possibilities is available for special assembly, including soldering and tinning, crimping or pressing with a range of plugs, cable lugs or ferrules. In addition we have many years of experience in the assembly of plugs and plug connections, as well as test devices for installation-ready cable connections. 

    Alongside the range of possibilities for hand assembly, we have modern machinery, which offers a range of technical possibilities, including the “quick stripping machine”, a range of “crimping machines with stripper units” as well as “crimping machines for special contacts and insulated ferrules”. As a result we can successfully carry out all current customer requests and commissions with special requirements.

    In addition, we use various testing equipment, through which we can perform precise and reliable tests. You can find further information on our certificates and guidelines here. We are happy to make you an individual offer on special requests.

    • 10-polige Flachbandleitung mit Steckverbindern
    • PVC-Steuerleitung mit ABS-Steckdose
    • Einzeladern temperaturbeständig Querschnitte bis 50mm²
    • Vorkonfektionierte Leitungen mit Stecker-Montage nach Kundenwunsch
    • PVC Leitung mit Ringkabelschuhen und 90°C Winkelkabelschuhen
    • Anschlussleitungen für Kleinstgeräte. Aderleitungen im Glasgewebeschlauch mit Steckverbinder
    • Geschirmte PVC-Leitung Anschlussfertig nach Kundenvorgabe
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      Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH

      Lise-Meitner-Str. 1
      31157 Sarstedt

      +49 5066 7001-0