Reeling cables

We developed out Semoflex® Drum for outdoors use. By using new materials we have been able to achieve a considerable reduction in weight and diameter, as well as longer service lives than traditional reeling cables. 

If there is no cable available to suit your application, we will be happy to develop and deliver an optimised solution recommendation for you application.

Semoflex® Drum

The Semoflex® Drum reeling cable is used in areas at risk of explosion, as well as in the outdoors, including for heavy equipment, which is subject to a high mechanical load. This includes hoists, transport equipment, driveable motorised cable reels, railways engines and agricultural equipment.

Cable support grips

Cable support grips are used for the stationary fastening of cables to open-air transformers, terminal boxes, machinery and equipment, including lifts and cranes. They are not designed for pulling the cables. They are not designed for pulling the cables. With the flexible wire mesh the clamping force of the support grip is distributed along a long section of cable. 


NSHTÖU-J - The reeling cable is suitable for use in dry and damp areas and can be even used for heavy duty outdoor applications such as cable reels, lifting equipment, conveyer systems, driven motors, rail traction motors and agricultural machinery where high mechanical stresses are involved.


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