Conveyor system technology

In conveyor system technology you will benefit from our particularly broad portfolio. There is already a wide range of cables and leads in our warehouse, which we are happy to expand with customer-specific solutions and special preparations. Conveyor system technology requires both reeling cables and flat cables, as well as drag chain cables, such as our Semoflex® Roboschlepp®. This cable provides satisfaction with its effective core insulation, polyurethane outer sheathing and above all due to its resulting low diameter. Of course, all of our products from the conveyor system technology range have the highest mechanical strength, are highly abrasion resistant, impact resistant and microbe resistant. In addition they are resistant to fuel, grease and oil. We are happy to meet the DESINA standard in production and, of course, can also provide you with shielded cables and lines.

Please see the following selection of product examples for conveyor system technology


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