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A round thing

Secure transport of cables and lines is of the highest priority for us! Do you need information on reel sizes, weights, the right cable lengths, etc.? You will find more information on shipping reels below.

Following applies for flat cables:
round cable Ø  =  flat cable thickness
Calculation of the quantity of meters:
Cable width : Cable thickness    

Further Information on loading capacity, weight and reuired space as a function of the cable diameter, please refer to the table.

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    The different shipping choices

    On the roads- from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea, from Portugal to Russia. The road network is the biggest mode of transport in the inland. The transportation by truck is both cost efficient and simply logistically manageable.  The goods are handled with care and the trucks can be adjusted to their requirements.

    The carrying charges for the sea freight over long- distances are low. This is an unbeatable advantage no other transportation system can offer. The mass transportation of goods has become daily business due to the enormous increase of the container traffic by ship pared with the low handling- related cost for transshipping.

    The highest increase of all shipment methods with upward tendency can be observed in the airfreight. The air freight service enables a short transportation time over long distances, quick transshipping and rapid forwarding. Because of the tightly organized transport chains, the air freight is the ideal transport method for goods with a high degree of urgency.


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