Tradition and the future – made in germany

We at Baude are proud to look back to a tradition stretching back to 1978. The firm is now managed by Andreas Baude in the second generation and now has over 60 staff. By using the most modern technology, the best possible training and our own sense of responsibility our staff have achieved an above average level of know-how.

We are unique in the cable industry, because

because ...

  1. we state as our value, that every staff member is important.
  2. quality is the focus of our business.
  3. we remain eye-to-eye with each other.
  4. every one of us shares their fascination with new challenges.
  5. we implement new designs and developments in a reliable and goal-oriented manner.
  6. we have created a working environment together, in which we can all develop freely.
  7. we design out products and processes to be environmentally responsible.
  8. we see an opportunity in every problem.
  9. every day we feel obligated to use every opportunity to meet the challenges of high-performance products using all innovations available.
  10. we secure our competitiveness by experience, adaptability, flexibility and quality.

You become part of our company

because ...

  1. we mean everything we say
  2. we keep our promises
  3. we aim forsuccess, from which everyone can profit.

We at Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH are a high-performance company, for which trust, innovation, quality, responsibility and teamwork are core values.


Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Str. 1
31157 Sarstedt

+49 5066 7001-0