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Exclusion of Liability for third-party contents
Baude Holding GmbH does not take responsibility for the contents of internet websites which can be accessed via links that exist on the Baude website.
Prior to the attachment of a website link, Baude Holding GmbH conducts an examination, thus to ensure, that no contravention or violation may be caused through third-party website contents, which may be evident. However, links are always dynamic references. Baude Holding GmbH, however, has no whatsoever influence on the current and future design of such websites, nor does it legally account for the contents or authorship of links as such. Therefore does Baude Holding GmbH explicitly distance themselves from all contents that may express a violation of boni mores. This statement is valid for all links and references set and available within the company´s own website and for third-party entries. Any liability regarding illegal, incorrect and incomplete contents, and potential damages caused by the use or disuse of such data available, is with the provider of that site and not with Baude Holding GmbH, who only refers to any potential publication of such links.

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Legal Notice
Baude Holding GmbH designs their internet websites with great care and regularly updates their contents. Baude Holding GmbH, however, does not guarantee a trouble free access to their websites, nor do they guarantee that the information provided (images, texts and other forms of presentation) is complete, correct and up-to-date at all times. Baude Holding GmbH reserves the right to make changes and addendums to the information provided. Source of proof: All published images, unless quoted differently, have been created by staff of the Baude Group.

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