PUR cables

Our PUR–cables improve the safety on your construction site since it is especially significant in the construction industry that the cables and wiring are clearly visible. We produce and deliver PUR-cables in bright colors for instance yellow, orange, red, blue and green. Do you require a customized cable? Then please do not hesitate to contact us- we realize your wishes even in small quantities.

Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F

This Semoflex®-PUR cable type is particularly suitable for electrical tools, including drills, portable circular saws and transportable motors and machinery. Due to its suitability for dry and damp to wet environments, the Semoflex® H05(07)BQ-F hose line is used on construction sites, in agriculture and on wharfs, as well as in connection with deep freezing. 

Semoflex® PVC/PUR

The Semoflex® PVC/PUR has a strengthened outer sheathing and is, as a result, suitable for higher demands (in particular shearing and grinding use). Thanks to its polyurethane sheathing the cable is oil resistant and UV resistant to the greatest extent possible. It is used successfully in dry rooms, in particular in connecting electrical tools and lights

Semoflex® Elektronik unshielded

With its special Semocore core insulation the Semoflex® Electronic is the ideal connection cable in electrical uses. Thanks to its polyurethane sheathing this cable type with its thin external diameter is mechanically strong, cut resistant and highly abrasion resistant. The basic materials used are by nature silicon and halogen free, highly microbe resistant, oil and acid resistant and flexible when cold. 

Semoflex® Elektronik shielded

Semoflex® Electronic is also available in a shielded version. It has a special copper shielding with 90 per cent coverage. Thanks to its polyurethane sheathing this cable type with its thin external diameter is mechanically strong, cut resistant and highly abrasion resistant. The areas of use of the Semoflex® Electronic are position switches and connections, as well as electronic controllers, for example in the automotive area, in medical and measurement tool technology.

Semoflex® Special Industrial Ethernet Cat.5e

The cable Semoflex® Special Inustrial Ethernet Cat.5e is suitable as data cable for medium mechanical stresses in industrial environments as well as for applications in drag chains on continuously moving machine in dry and wet areas. The high-quality screen prevents interfering signals in loaded electromagnetic fields.

Screened PVC cable

Screened PVC cable is a flexible sensor and microphone cable for low voltage applications for signal transmission. The cable is suitable for fixed as well as moved applications. The spiral cable is suitable as a connection cable for call and intercom systems, wiring of telecommunication devices and electronic modules. Can also be used as control and signal cable in electronics and measurement technology.

Semoflex® USB cable 2.0 and 3.0

The cable Semoflex® USB Leitung 2.0 and 3.0 is suitable for use in cable chains. The polyurethane outer sheath enables a very small cable outer diameter, high mechanical stresses can be withstanded. The cable is abrasion-proof, microbe-proof and flame resis


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