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Woof! Nice that you're here!

If you don't know him yet: This is Toni - our Feel Good Manager at Baude.

Thank you for taking part in our customer satisfaction survey, for giving us your time and for being so open with us.

We will take every opinion into account and work to meet our customers' wishes even more in the future.

The result is quite impressive! We are proud that we were able to improve compared to the 2021 survey.

Of course we were happy about the praise. That almost??? Percent of respondents perceive our employees as friendly and ??? We particularly liked the percent certifying our competence. But we are also happy about the few points of criticism. You gave us valuable tips and suggestions for improvement that we will use.


“Life needs a little spice. The SPICE DUO SET turns your dishes into true culinary delights. Get inspired by Toni’s recipes!”

ALLROUNDER SPICE: Your everyday hero for all occasions. Toni's spice all-rounder always gives your dishes that certain extra something and impresses with eleven ingredients such as lemon peel, garlic, onions or lavender. If you want to really enjoy the power of the spice, then try Toni's gnocchi pan.

BBQ SPICE RUB: Toni's BBQ Rub for delicious grilled dishes. A real game changer because it enhances the natural taste of the meat and gives the finished grilled food that certain something. Suitable for poultry, spare ribs, pulled pork, lamb, meatballs, steaks, pork fillet and even shrimp.

Scroll down to Toni's recipes ⬇️

Gnocchi pan à la Toni – recipe for 2 people

Ingredients: 1 pack of gnocchi (you can of course make it yourself), ½ Hokkaido, 1 leek, 1 can of sauerkraut, 125g diced bacon. Alternatively: smoked tofu and butter

Instructions: Heat butter in a pan, add leek and fry. Add the bacon (alternatively: smoked tofu) and the gnocchi and mix everything together. When everything is fried until golden brown, season with ALLROUNDER SPICE. Then add the drained sauerkraut. Mix everything again and let it fry briefly. Done – enjoy your meal!

Grilled shrimp à la Toni – recipe for 2 people

Ingredients: 500g fresh or frozen shrimp (if available: remove shell and intestines), oil if necessary (to make the rub stick better), metal skewers

Instructions: Raw shrimp, both fresh and frozen, are suitable for grilling. Thaw the frozen version in the refrigerator overnight or let it wake up from cryogenic sleep in a cold water bath for 30 minutes before grilling. With peeled shrimp, it is important to score the shells along the back with a sharp knife and remove the black gut. Now rinse the shrimp briefly under cold running water and pat them dry. Sprinkle the shrimp generously with the BBQ SPICE RUB and massage in a maximum of 30 minutes before grilling. If the rub doesn't stick, add some oil. Then it's best to put the shrimp on skewers. This makes handling incredibly easy – enjoy your meal!

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