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Copper pricing

Copper is an essential component of cables and lines as a conductive material. This raw material is traded on exchanges and, as a result, its price changes daily.
The calculation of the metal surcharge is made using the following formula:

Copper surcharge = (copper quantity (kg/km) x (DEL + purchasing costs) - copper basis) / 100

The copper quantity shows the weight of the copper in a cable or line and is shown in kg per km. DEL = German Electrolyte Copper for Conducting Purposes and is the exchange listing for 99.5% pure copper. In the following you are able to calculate information regarding copper base as well as copper price and you are able to find the formula for the calculation of the copper surcharge.

Now calculate the copper price online

incl. 1% subscription

* Presentation of units: Kilometers (km) or 1.000 pieces (pcs)

Information without guarantee.

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