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Spiral cables

We manufacture spiral cables at short notice and according to your specifications in our in-house production. For the use under highest mechanical exposure we recommend our private label Semoflex®. It stands out through premium quality developed according to the needs and requirements of our customers. At the Materials Testing Institute in Hanover the spiral cables Spiralkabel Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F withstood over 1 million operations without any failure. If you require a spiral cable for the usage under low mechanical exposure our PVC-Cable could be interesting for you.

Spiral cable type Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F
Produktbild Spiralkabel Semoflex® H05BQ-F

Our spiral cables made from Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F are suitable for the highest mechanical demands, for example for robots, high-performance machinery and lifting platforms. They are the right choice for drills, screw drivers and heated vehicles. They are, therefore, used where high quality and long service life matter.

Spiral cable type Semoflex® Roboschlepp®
Produktbild Spiralkabel Semoflex® Roboschlepp®

Our spiral cables made from Semoflex® Roboschlepp® are suitable for the highest mechanical demands, for example for robots, high-performance machinery and lifting platforms. As this spiral cable also has good rebound characteristics in the cold they are also used outdoors and in situations where high quality and a long service life are required.

Spiral cable type Semoflex® Electronic unshielded
Produktbild Spiralkabel Semoflex® Elektronik ungeschirmt

The spiral cable type Semoflex® Electronic unshielded is used, for example in medical electronics, machinery controls and in the automotive field, for measurement tools and position switch connections. With its PUR sheathing and Semocore core insulation high restoring forces and a long service life are also achieved for spiral cables with a core diameter from 0.14 to 0.50 mm². 

Spiral cable type Semoflex® Electronic shielded
Produkt Spiralkabel Semoflex® Elektronik geschirmt

The Semoflex® Electronic shielded spiral cables are highly microbe resistant, as well as oil, acid and UV resistant, cut-resistant and flexible in the cold. The spiral cables made from Semoflex® Electronic (shielded) have, by using a special copper shielding, comparatively high restoring forces.

Spiral cable type Semoflex® PVC/PUR
Produktbild Spiralkabel PVC-PUR

The spiral cables made from Semoflex® PVC/PUR are distinguished by their long service life. The areas of use for this spiral cable are, for example, high-value kitchen and household appliances, lamps and lighting tracks. They often also a good visual and design solution.

Spiral cable type Semoflex® Special Industrial Ethernet Cat.5e
Produktbild Spiralkabel Semoflex® Special Industrial Ethernet Cat5e

The spiral cable Semoflex® Special Industrial Ethernet Cat.5e is suitable as data cable for medium mechanical stresses in industrial applications, as well as in dry and wet areas, primarily in mechanical and plant engineering. The copper braid prevents interfering signals. 

Spiral cable type screened PVC cable
Produktbild Spiralkabel Semoflex® USB-Leitung

Our spiral cable of screened PVC cable is a flexible sensor and microphone cable for low voltage applications for signal transmission. The cable is suitable for fixed as well as moved applications. The spiral cable is suitable as a connection cable for call and intercom systems, wiring of telecommunication devices and electronic modules. Can also be used as control and signal cable in electronics and measurement technology.

Restoring forces in comparison

The presentation is used as a visual explanation of the various restoring forces in accordance with the materials used.

Spiralkabel aus Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F

Force expenditure / reset forces measured in Newton (N) for PUR. The values are to be understood as examples only!

Spiralkabel aus PVC H05VVH8-F

Force expenditure / reset forces measured in Newton (N) for PVC. The values are to be understood as examples only!

Special spiral cables

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Flachleitung gewendelt

Flat cable, spiral-shaped

These spirals are highly versatile. They can be used in vacuum cleaners, for example, since the shape fits better with how they are used. The spiral-shaped cables can also be routed into the extending tube.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Konische Spirale

Tapered spirals

A custom development for a customer in the crane systems industry. The cable is used for control between the motor and the load-bearing medium. Its tapered shape is useful for retracting the spirals to a duct on the motor.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Mehrfachwendel

Multiple spirals

This involves cables which have spiral-shaped sections: two spirals with an intervening straight section, which is also called the bridge. In these types of cable, the design can include either an axial or tangential bridge. They can be used, for example, in machine tools, medical technology and mechanical engineering. The cable provides versatility as and when required, with the spirals being able to extend in one direction on the left and right, with the bridge acting as a fixed point.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Ineinander liegende Spiralen

Double-spiral cable

This involves two different spiral cables, one inside the other, which spiral in opposite directions so that they do not get caught on each other when moved. The advantage of this is that different cable types can be used in an application to save a great deal of space.

The outer cable has a larger connection for the power supply and the inner spiral has a smaller cross section with pilot wires. These cables are extremely versatile. For example, they are needed in the medical field for raising and lowering tables and beds.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Spiralkabel mit integrierten PA-Schläuchen

Spiral cable with integrated PA sleeves

This is a combined design which integrates lines for conducting electricity, control signals and compressed air through a single cable. It has numerous applications, including mechanical engineering and medical technology.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel-Zwillingsleitung

Twin cable

Twin cables are used as charging cables or for loading devices. With a high degree of versatility, the cables can be used in lifting platforms and other applications, where the role of the spirals is to match the movements of the platform. They are also suitable for loading devices for lorries and trucks, e.g. in the gap between the towing vehicle and the trailer, where, for example, cooling systems have to be supplied with power.

Produktbild Sonderspiralkabel Schlauchwendel

Hose spiral

This involves feeding a wire into a PA hose and then forming it into a spiral, which is useful for types of cable which do not readily form into spirals but can be made into a spiral shape with the help of a PA hose. Not only does this achieve increased stability, but also allows the coil to retract more forcefully. The PA hose can be used to increase the outer diameters of the spirals while still ensuring they retract with a good amount of force. In addition, the working length of the PA cables can be extended by a factor of ten. The cables shown in the image are needed for use as earth lines in various applications, such as in airports or aircraft, paint finishing lines and hand cranes.

CAN-Bus- Spiral cable

This type of cable is used in a truck mounted-crane within the telescopic arm. The cable transmits the control and data signals as well as the power supply. Currently the main cable is produced according to UL standards to serve the American market as well.

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